We are { fireworks }


we are { fireworks }"We are all like fireworks. We climb, shine, and always go our separate ways and become further apart. But even if that time comes, let's not disappear like a firework, and continue to shine... forever."


Hello thar. My name is Savannah. I am a Freshmen in High School. I hope to go into Radiology. I am currently into art. I also watch anime and read Manga. Feel free to add me as a friend if we have something in common. :)

I normally draw anime. I cannot draw realisticly to save my life. I use Copic Marker for my Traditional Art and Paint Tool Sai and Photoshop Elements for my Digital Art. I prefer to use traditional art above Digital because you get to hold the item but Digitally yoou can't. My dA account has most of my digital art, though.

My favourite anime/mangas are Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE, xxxHolic, Kobato, and Bleach. I have all of the Tsubasa books. I rarely read the Bleach manga.